Mobile App for Alumni Clubs Powered by SkoolApp

SkoolApp presents best yet simple alumni club management solution. This cloud based system with several integrated modules has great benefits for Alumni Club Administration and Members. This will enable clear communication about Events, Activities, Schedules, Sub Groups and more.
The Alumni clubs can manage several operational tasks online, with ease e.g. manage membership information, group members into various groups, track participation in events, publish various types of communication, manage subscription fees and expenses, facilitate payments, send renewals reminders etc. All in real time, secured, accessible anytime, anywhere, on the go, by the Club as well as Members. Branding is customized to the Club’s requirement.

Some of the key benefits are –

  • Publish Events & Schedules online via App
  • Online Membership Fee management with full cycle of Due / overdue reminders, Auto publishing of Fees
  • Flexibility to Pay via Mobile App, Automatic receipt generation, automatic bank reconciliation and much more.
  • Manage and Maintain multiple Roles
  • White label Branding, specific to your requirement.
  • Members get instant Alerts, Images, Events, Policies
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Updated Records for Members.
  • Easy all round, secured communication with Members
  • All information on Mobile, in one spot, on App for Members.

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