Benefits & Advantages of School Management Software

In last decade technology has changed or influenced almost every area of our life. Personal, Social, Family, Education, Business nothing is untouched.
Last few years have been tremendously good for Education section as more and more solutions have come out to help this area.
However the adoption of technology in schools to benefit them end to end is still quite low. Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Coaching centers are all in need of technology to increase efficiency of their day to day operations, minimize cost, increase focus on educating children rather than managing education.
SkoolApp, the best school management software or as some people also call it as School ERP, has closed this gap to a large extent.

In this blog I am going to describe what is a school management software as well as its benefits for schools, parents, teachers, student and society as a whole.


School Management Software is a dedicated employee resource planning (ERP) software, which is designed and build to accomplish all the management work of an educational institute through its web portal and mobile app.  The key objectives are to bring the efficiency and automation in every day work in order to free up time for teachers and other school staff to focus on educating and 360-degree development of our children.

Besides core work areas this software also helps in producing a consolidated reporting of multiple branches, automate a few other routine activities such as sending important reminders, birthday wishes, reconciliation etc.

Let us check out the core modules of a school Management software.

1 Attendance and Tracking

In this module, attendance is taken either through RFID card or through Punching Machine for both Teachers and students and straightaway updated in the system. The attendance notifications are straight away send to mobile apps held by Parents, School Administration and School management to see attendance summary. In the same way, tracking module allows tracking of school bus, school vans and other vehicles and parents and school authorities can track their locations. Both of these features help improve safety of our children.

2 Fee Management

This is the most sought-after module by all type of educational institutes. Through Fee Management Software, fees information is published to parents in real time with reminders and notifications of upcoming payments. And at the same time it allows parents to pay the fee anytime from anywhere in SkoolApp via PAYTM and similar integrations.

Pay slips are available immediately both to schools and parents. Reconciliation data is available to schools for easy reconciliation between bank and their fee ledger.

School management can also keep a track of all fee receipts in real time in various forms such as dashboards, reports, cash wise / class wise / branch wise detailed analysis etc.

3 All around Communication

One of the major challenge that Schools face today is to engage parents more effectively as well as increasing expectations from parents to stay up to date in their busy schedules. Parent Teacher Meets (PTM) are not sufficient to deliver on this challenge and expectation. Hence SkoolApp School Management Software comes very handy as it is fully integrated and sends automated information notes to parents for several activities such as attendance, school bus, homework, report card, sports, fee payment etc etc.  Schools don’t have to send a notification specifically, it happens automatically as they perform their core activity.

4 Library

This is a suitable library management system for schools where a complete inventory of library resources are published and available to students on SkoolApp mobile app. From that they can reserve and pick the book.

Schools administration will also have a complete view of their inventory and future requirements of replenishing the books.

It also helps building a 360 degree profile of students by having a view of the books that child has read.

5 Stock and other records

Similar to books, School can keep the record of other stocks ie sports items, pantry, dress material, student’s records, and data, books and other specific records which they want to keep.Separate access can also be given to different officials as per school administrative hierarchy.

6 Other Features

Some School demands to have additional modules in there respective software, such as canteen menu, seminars and workshop updates, post-school Activities, vacation planner etc. These features are either readily available or can be made available with a bit of extra development in the School management software.

Now I will describe key advantages and Benefits of SkoolApp School Management Software.


1 Environment-friendly and cost effective

Using SkoolApp in schools will reduce the use of paper in turn helping environment. At the same time it reduces the cost of printing and distributing the printed material. Saving a lot of time and money.

2 Enhancement in productivity

As most of the work can become re-usable, it really helps reducing the time required to do several administration activities. This frees up time to focus on the core objective of schools ie focus on educating the children.

3 Management through a common channel

One of the major advantage of SkoolApp is that is a fully integrated end to end solution. School administration and management don’t need several different software to manage all the things. They can simply go to SkoolApp to manage all the task. All the departments, teachers, faculties, students and parents, will be connected on the same platform which modern, fit for purpose and very cost effective.

4 Cloud based System

Switching from Traditional school management software to a cloud-based system equips schools with the latest technology as well as eliminates the need of having to manage a lot of in house technology solutions.

5 Students, Teachers & Parents Collaboration

This is the most important feature and required more and more as we mature in technology.

Everybody is on the same platform and is able to connect to each other via appointments, questions, events etc. Neither teachers, not students need to perform extra activities to be able to stay connected and up to date.

6 Reduction in costs and expenditure

There are several direct and indirect cost savings. Direct savings come from the reduction of printing cost, paper cost, administration staff’s time cost, phone costs etc. Indirect costs savings come from freeing up time of teacher’s and administration staff.

7 More Admissions and Enrollments

With so many advantages, parents are attracted to more advanced schools. This is not just a marketing exercise but it really help students as everybody is more focused on developing children.

8 Customization

Every school has different requirement and needs, so they can customize their school Management software as per their requirements.

With so many of these benefits and advantages of a School Management Software, it is a perfect opportunity for all school owners, management, and staff to adopt SkoolApp and be a smart school.

Written by

Sachin Dhillo (Content Writer,Blogger & Digital Marketing Professional)