Benefits of Increasing Additional Sports Period Time in School’s


  • Importance of Sport

  • Why they are important for students

  • Advantages of Sports

If we look back 30, 40 years ago, may its rural or urban part of Indian society,

A very popular clause was used in Hindi “खेलोगे कूदोगे बनोगे खराब,पढोगे लिखोगे बनोगे नवाब” which means if you play or want to be a sportsperson you are going to destroy your life whereas  if you study hard you are going to be successful in your life, But as the time has moved,  This clause  disappeared which was I think like a blot on mind creating negative mentality has ended from the minds and thinking  of the  people, especially in Indian Society.

Health and Fitness Is  one of the important part of human life, without which one cannot be able to go long in any field, here I am not only talking about physical fitness but also about mental fitness. If you observe, a mentally fit person is more productive and innovative as compared to the person who is less strong in their mind. Physical Fitness leads a person to high results in terms of work, stamina etc. Physically fit person always make themselves ahead, everywhere whether its school, office, work or any other place. Why this phenomenon is successful?    Why keeping ourselves fit is so important?

When we include a normal schedule of exercise in our daily routine, may be it seem very difficult to wake up early and doing exercises at an early stage, but if we keep continue, we will see the difference in ourselves. Having exercises regularly and performing mental therapies, it boosts our mind, soul and body. Even a smaller workout that included only basics of some exercise like breathe in-Breathe out and some others, pumps our body and recover our mind and body from the stress of whole day. In addition taking a good sleep of 6-8 Hours will be a combo for your health.

Recently Government of India Passed a bill which orders to increase sports period’s duration in schools, and announced Sports as education not a part of education.

This clearly shows that how much governments and people are aware about sports, health and fitness. Personally I see this as a good change, why because, studying continuously, pressure, exams, assignment’s, post school tuitions has increased burden on students both physical and mental at such a level, which is creating less immunity and brings early diseases and severe health issues to them at very younger age.

School going children are suffering from lack of knowledge and other mental deficiency just because there schedule is packed with only books, notes etc with less or no involvement of sports.

Increase in indoor games, use of PlayStation and other electronic medium is also one of the cause of separating the children from outdoor sports. Spending long hours with electronic games and other Electronic medium, continuous study impacts the vision of children, less sleep and also affect their productivity.

It is the sole duty and responsibility of parents and schools to aware the children about sports using, sports events and including separate long periods of sports, bringing them to state level events of sports, sharing motivational stories of athlete’s, national and international player this will encourage them to play outdoor sports and also gives a chance to make a career in sports to those students who are not so good in academics.

Benefits of playing Regular Outdoor sports

  • Refreshes mind and prepare one for new task
  • Helps body to recover from stress
  • Increase stamina and Work strength
  • Enhance Thinking Power and Creativity of Child
  • Boost Immunity
  • Prevent and Reduce risk of seasonal diseases

There should also be a healthy diet in students meal as it is the fuel to their body, schools must keep students away from junk food and includes a healthy meal in canteen of schools, including salads and other food which are rich in fiber and other nutrients. A Perfect Student Meal should be prepared as per the different age group of students that include sufficient and required amount of carbs, protein, fats, vitamins etc, which increases the body strength and necessary for the growth of children’s.

Parents should also prepare meals at breakfast, lunch or dinner which is both nutritious and healthy for their child. Instead of going to a restaurant and having junk food, parents must prepare combined meal like fruit custards, pasta with beans, and vermicelli with nuts and also that includes pulses, cereal.

In Recent years Indian players have made a mark in sports field like Boxing, Wrestling, Gymnastics and athletics’ and many other sports, which has motivated many students to make their career in sports or areas related to sports like sports journalism. All these stats show that Education together with Sports is a perfect combination for success and there are so many opportunities for students to make their career and if not having regular participation of sports in their schedule is like weapon which protect and continuously refresh them, reducing the stress of daily student life.

Regular efforts of schools and government is highly recommended in this initiative as encouraging students for sports will do two hunts from one arrow, on one side it will make students more healthy and strong and on the other side students who will participate in Sports events and other competition will bring prizes and medal for schools, then state, and then for the country.

Adding a long separate period of sports and arranging different sports like swimming, cricket, hockey, basketball, football, badminton, table-tennis etc in school with proper facilities and creating regular awareness about outdoor games to students, making sports clubs within school or outside schools will definitely change scenario of the education sector and its changing day by day and increasing more and more.

Promoting Sports as education not as a part of education is a good change in our society and there mentality.

Written by

Sachin Dhillo

(Digital Marketing Professional & Blogger)