Education is the movement from darkness to light

Education is a word which contains a whole theory in itself, it is a medium which transforms what called illiterate to literate, it is a way to raise one from the dust. Education is the method, which if someone learns, learns how to live their life and also learns the the basic principles of a systematic life . yes education, a word consisting of 7 alphabets has a concept that has made us civilized.


We all know that we humans are the strongest and mightiest creature on the planet, not by our strength but by our mind, yes because of that we have controlled the land, the water, sea, lakes, forests, sky, and even space now.

Nothing is impossible with humans as they have taken over the planet earth and has control over each and everything that exist on it and if you think that I am wrong kindly check your facts.

Human started innovating things since the time when they were vagabonds, they first invented the wheel, then the cart then started plowing the field and running through all the journey humans have reached this place where one can connect with other from one part of the world to another.


why I am sharing this is because my today’s blog topic resembles with it. yes, a movement that brings from darkness to light is education, it is education that has to bring humans here, it’s just because of education that we are supreme today, education is the reason that took us from darkness to light.History of humans is the source of many examples that can prove this that education can take someone from darkness to light.

Hi, I am Sachin and I am sharing  with you in this blog about why education is the movement that brings light and how it takes us from darkness to light.

Education is not all about reading books, practicing a common syllabus and achieving a degree, diploma, etc. Education is the medium or you can say a method that brings reforms in the lifestyle of a living being, it is a way that modifies the day to day behavior and then altered the personality of a person, by eliminating the negatives and evils of one’s mind. It teaches us about how to amplify our skills, how to boost our strength by improvising our level of thinking. This we can see from past times, that all the inventions and milestones that have happened in history were all because of educated persons and society. All the successful and developed countries are there just because they included education into their society which has taken them into the light from the darkness.

There can be various types of education, it is not only a bunch books that you should read and you will become educated, it will just make you a puppet or a parrot that can only recite but implement. An educated person can plan, design, implement and conclude what he has initiated. He can achieve the goals for which they have planned.

  1. Moral Education – This Education brings culture, gentleness, and decency in someone’s life, a person who is morally educated knows how to behave with other, how to live in society and how to deal with other through proper Etiquette.
  2. Academic Education – A person who is well qualified will always get special treatment wherever he goes, why because he has garnished himself with knowledge and education that has given him a good job, reputation, fame, etc.
  3. Social Education – This implies to a society, which is living with peace and harmony without any violence or disturbance among the peoples. Otherwise, a society that is not socially educated or established on the basis of socialism will always face quarrels, fights, and tantrum of its people. Only an educated society can live with a funda that teaches us to live with social cordiality, amicableness, and companionship, giving equal rights to everyone, be it, men or woman, providing opportunities for everyone, right of education, right of speech and right of expressions to every individual and preventing discrimination at all the levels, instead of a counterfeit eutopia that only looks like a rotten fruit that is painted to shine from outside to deceive the buyers but is decayed from inside.

Education creates social values and principals that procreate the light of success, growth, and equality and isolates social evils, communal bondages that restricts from growing and rising.

Those who are supreme in today’s world is because of education. Because of the education their skills, thoughts, and minds got magnified, which resulted in success and then domination among all. Education flourishes a person, its family, its native, its location, its district, its city, its state and then it’s country. It converts the bad odor of fiasco into scent of success.

where Darkness is the infinite loop that misleads the path and light is the eternal clearance, education is the medium that takes someone from infinite darkness to infinite light.

Moral of the blog or conclusion is that education is a passage, which leads us from murk to radiance and through which we got enlighten and glitter all over the world.Hope you have read this blog and agree with my words. I want your suggestions and opinion, put them in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.

Written by

Sachin Dhillo

Digital Marketing Professional,Content Writer & Blogger