Schools Management Software Explained

Our schools and colleges today are surrounded by various school software. These software include a variety of focused and generic solutions. Below is a broad list of these solutions:

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3 Focused Solutions

Generic Solutions

  • School Management Software – These are generic in nature and provide various operational features. Traditionally these are also referred as School Management ERP, School Management System, School Management Application etc. Now a days most of these are coming as online school management system.

Focused Solutions

  • School Administration Software – which are administration focused to cover fee, admission, and resource management features

  • Student Management Software – focused on students such as admission, exit, exams etc.

  • Teachers Scheduling Software – focused on scheduling of teachers

  • School Communication Mobile App – Focused on structured communication between schools and parents

However the need to have a comprehensive school management software that covers all required communication and operational features still remains.

This requirement today is further complicated by the widespread use of technologies and mobile phones.

Everybody associated with schools including School Directors, Principals, Teachers, School Administration, Parents, Students and Suppliers are using mobile phones to perform their day to day activities such as paying fees online, reading books via web portal or mobile apps, sending and receiving messages via messaging apps and interacting with their family and friends via social apps.

Moreover the same trend continues in the day to day operations of schools where school administration and teachers are using several such utilities in their routine workings. For example school administration uses various RFID solutions to track children, messaging solutions to remind parents, some isolated school administration software to manage fees and admissions. Similarly Principals, and Teachers use various messaging solutions to post homework and interact with parents.

While this has definitely proved beneficial at various levels, has also led to the challenge of having to manage various utilities such as emails, whatsapp groups, print outs, school administration software, student management software, online school management software, and student and staff attendance software.

If you have started forming the opinion that this is it, the challenges of schools do not stop here.

Increasing children safety requirements from government and parents, decreasing funding from government, increasing Fees cutting pressure from parents and lack of continuously improving school management software add to the issues faced by school directors, principals, teachers and administration.

SkoolApp provides a fully integrated school management software in Delhi NCR that includes traditional features of school administration software, student management software, and modern age mobile trends making it the most sought after school software. It includes features for all parties such as School Administration, Principals, Teachers, and Parents. This online school management application with a modern age mobile app makes a complete school management software.

For School Administration, Its comprehensive list of features are resources management, transport and school bus management, library management, and staff management.

For Principals and Directors, its features are to keep an overall eye on studies, students and compliance.

For Teachers its features are student attendance management system, homework management system, class work management system, and engaging parents in the most efficient way.

And last but not least, for students and parents it has the full applicability as most of the features used by school have an output or information for parents and students. Hence all that information is available via SkoolApp, a modern age school management mobile app without having to go to multiple places.

Written by: Navneet Jain

NOTE: Author is a well educated and experienced professional in educational software industry. Contact him at

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