Technology in Education

We are living in a world where everything is now dependent on Technology, Electronic Devices, software, and others, be it daily routine works, or official tasks, Health, Defence, Agriculture or even in smaller things that we used to do through conventional methods a few years ago.

Everything has developed so fast in this century, that’s all because of the new inventions and technology introduced to the world and still, the process is going. , we couldn’t imagine any work without the use of technology nowadays and if we try to be an anti-technological person, it would be very difficult and time-costing tasks for us.

Let’s come to our topic now, imagine a classroom 100 years before us, imagine, what will you see in your imagination –

If it is a city then ” a classroom with a blackboard and some chairs in it, a person that suppose to be a teacher standing and writing something on board with a chalk and students viewing him and writing in there notebooks,

and now come back and compare it with todays classroom, sad but its a reality, we have developed so much but still the way we are teaching our future generation is same, what our ancestors have taught us. There must be a friendly and tech-filled way that must convert a conventional classroom into a smart classroom, moreover, it will be even great when we have a class in our smartphone, yeah that sounds even greater.

You will definitely say that it’s not completely accurate what you said, we have now so many modes through which students can enjoy their studies, ya I agree, but it’s not what our students deserve. I am sharing three ways through which we can make even more participation of Technology in Education.

1.School Management Software

It is the best way for school as well as parents to get connected internally, there are numerous benefits for school, parent, and students if they use any School Management software.

School Management Software  provides various facilities like – Fee, attendance, Bus tracking, smart class, reminder, timetable, datasheets, and various other functions that reduce the time, manpower and daily hectic of school, parent and students.

parents get real-time pieces of information and updates about there child, they get direct notices and other important information about PTM and other things which their child might not share with them, schools can maintain a record of there database without use of papers,it is much easier for them to maintain all the tasks in one single panel instead of getting puzzled in management Blocks and  jumble. Students can generate their mark sheets, get their fee-receipts, notification about the leaves and other things like an extra class or study tours.

This system of School Management makes a smart communication between the school, parents, and Students.

Another way which I am going to share is

2.Branded App for  Schools

Ok if some school says I don’t want a big ERP to be installed in my school, and not sure how will it work and all, next way to make an arrival of tech in schools and students life is through a Dedicated app.

Every teenager  now uses a smartphone, you can’t imagine how this is going to help the students when they get all the notifications and alerts, their homework, assignments etc all through the app and also it will be a delight for the teachers also, why because they do not have to make special calls to the parents as parents will also get the same alerts what their child is getting, this will also help parents to monitor their child’s activities and progress.

3. Smart Study Module for Students

This is a new type of Module launched particularly for the students. Many software companies have made their efforts to make an Advance and better smart study module. Through a Study module, Students can prepare their curriculum, plan their syllabus, can have self-assessment through an Online test, prepare their assignments, can have extra study material and if there is any doubt in any part of the subject, can avail the help of experts available online. Not only this but this will also help a student in learning time management, a student when plan there studies and all, it will nourish and enhance their skill.


In today’s time when usually every adult spends more than 5 hours on their smartphone, study module is the way through which parents can divert the mind of there child from useless video games and other vain things that are eating their minds through the internet.

All I want to say is, there must be an Equal Participation of Technology in a students life, why do we follow a pattern of boring classrooms which only make students sleepy and lazy,

why don’t we try the above methods through which studies can be a fun instead of a burden. Why I am saying this is because time has changed now, you can not stick to books all the time and rush from libraries to teachers in search of some academic content. when we have reached in an age where most of the things like shopping, appointments, directions, travel bookings can be done online through app then why don’t study, yes, of course, we can!


Using a School Management Software, or branded app for schools and a smart study module will definitely change the pattern of education system if someone wants to.

I want to hear from you readers about my opinion and suggestions.

Thanks for Reading.

Written By

Sachin Dhillo

(Digital Marketing Professional,Content Writer & Blogger)