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SkoolApp School Bus Track System Feature

Children’s security and safety is becoming a top priority for parents and schools alike. Our school Bus Track system in our complete School Management Software is gaining popularity among several reputed schools in India.

With this school Bus Track system feature, complete transport management becomes an easy task for school administration.

The School administration can create all their Bus routes on the Transport Management Solution of our School Management Software and assign the children to specific routes as required. SkoolApp’s school Bus track system, activated by the bus driver, allows parents and school administration to track the location of the bus in real time, as the journey is underway.

This visibility adds to the safety and security aspect of the Children’s commute to and from the school, which is helpful for Parents and the School, additionally it helps the School monitor their Transportation Management more effectively.

Key benefits of school Bus track system are:

  1. Location Tracking anytime during the trip.
  2. Bus Arrival Alert.
  3. Real-Time Pick and Drop Alerts.
  4. Real-Time incident notification.
  5. Attendance by bus driver or attendants.

How to Setup school Bus Track system:

Below are the setup and Usage Guidelines.

  • School to sign up for SkoolApp subscription. (One Day)
  • SkoolApp team will help with the initial setup and launch in school. (One Day)
  • SkoolApp team will provide training to School Staff. (One Day)

How to Use school Bus Track system:

  • School creates all its required Bus routes.
  • School allocates Bus routes to each Child enrolled for Transportation.
  • At the beginning of the trip, the bus driver activates SkoolApp on his mobile and initiates the tracking feature for his route.
  • Parents and School administration can view the progress of the bus in real time on their mobile with SkoolApp’s school bus tracking system.

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