SkoolApp All-in-One Communication Solution

School Management System All in one Communication Solution- Efficient, Easy and Structured communication has always been a challenge for Schools as well as Parents. Despite the availability of several communication platforms, there are times when parents struggle to locate ‘a Note’ from school when it is needed the most.

To address this issue, SkoolApp presents a comprehensive School Management System All in one Communication Solution, which is fully integrated with our complete School Management Software ERP. It is not only applicable for all types of schools and vocational training institutes, but it also integrates with existing school management software, school management applications, and other specific school operational solutions.

Following are the key features of our All-in-One communication and School Management System:

How to Setup School Management System:

  1. Setup of SkoolApp Subscription (One Day)

  2. Applicable to School management, School Administration, Teachers, Parents and Students.

  3. Reliable, Easy to Use, Speedy and Secure.

  4. Real time with SMS and App Notifications.

  5. Accessible anywhere, anytime, on-the-go, via SkoolApp Mobile App as well as Portal.

  6. Two way, but Controlled Communication.

  7. Flexible yet structured the way it suits the Schools.

It is unique in that it offers a two-way interaction platform between Schools and Parents, which leads to easy involvement, smoother flow of information, greater transparency, and better time and resource management on both sides.

Given below are the basic usages of this communication feature:

    1. Alerts, Notifications, Reminders – School administration, class teachers, sports teachers can send all types of alerts, notifications and reminders in real time through SkoolApp with ease and efficiency. These alerts can be sent as broadcast to the entire school or to a specific group, class or child, as required.

      Parents will receive all information ON the GO, at a single location, i.e. on their mobile phone, through SkoolApp, in real time, and the sender can also keep a history of what, when and to whom it was sent.

    1. Rosters, Activities, Schedules, Exams, and Events – School staff can publish the schedules of School Events, Sports activities, Vacations, Special Days, Exam Information, and Roasters via SkoolApp in a very easy manner.

      Parents will be able to save these schedules in their mobile app’s native calendar and henceforth never miss any schedule again.

    1. Newsletters, Information for Students, Information for Parents, Pictures, and Videos – School administration can publish all static, as well as dynamic information in a structured manner for parents to access at any time. Schools can assemble information in the default categories or create their own categories per their needs.

      For parents it is very convenient to have all this information available on their mobile app, which is structured to be used anytime they need it or share with their family and friends.

    1. Homework, Classwork, Questions, Report Cards, Syllabus – School administration and teachers can publish entire syllabus, class work, homework, exam information etc. via SkoolApp and also update it with ease in real time. It provides immense reusability of their work for future sessions.

      Parents can keep a full track of their children’s studies at school while at home or at work. Parents can also ask questions, queries from teachers in a one to one manner and teacher can respond in a one to one manner. Both can keep a history and track of this information.

    1. Absence Form, PTM, and NOC/Consent Forms – School Administration and Teachers can schedule PTM, publish NOC/Consent forms, and create more forms for parents in order for Parents to provide them structured information.

      Parents and Students can submit Leave Application, Address Change Information and Consent Form via SkoolApp electronically and the School Administration will receive it immediately. Both schools as well as parents will have history and track of what did they submit and when.

    1. Sports and other After School activities and Care programs – The School can publish all its Sports Coaching, Tuitions and After School activity and Care programs on SkoolApp. Information about the available School Coaches, Teachers, schedule, fees etc. is available to the Parents, allowing them the freedom to review and enroll their Child for a preferred activity. This module is linked with other modules like Fees Management.

  1. Bus Tracking – School administration can create all their Bus routes on the transport management solution of our School Management Software and assign children to a specific route. Parents can then easily track the bus and be fully informed about their children’s presence on the Bus, as well as at School. This feature elevates the Security aspect of the Children and is another key feature of the SkoolApp School Management System.

    Overall, SkoolApp offers the entire gamut of Communication features, promoting the School-Parent relationship and allowing greater efficiency in every day operations. If you need more information, please contact our sales team or email us, our team will be glad to assist you, and arrange a demo for you.

Below are the setup guidelines

How to setup School Management System:

  1. School to sign up for SkoolApp subscription.
  2. SkoolApp team will help with the initial setup and launch in school.
  3. SkoolApp team will provide training to School Staff.

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