Fee Management system

Fee Management System

Fee management System is a crucial aspect of a Complete School Management System and a efficient School Managment Software . The SkoolApp Fee Management Software presents an automated, highly adaptable and comprehensive solution, which addresses the requirements of School Administration in all types of schools, and at the same time, works well in the interest of the Parents and other School Staff.

Our online fee management system of School Management Software will make the school administration and its accounts department highly efficient, and also drive towards a complete paperless fee management solution. The key highlights of SkoolApp Fee Management software are:

  • Multiple ways to setup the fee

  • Multiple ways to setup the late fees, discounts and extra items

  • Very flexible mechanism of taking fees

  • Multiple fee payment channels (Bank Integration, PayTM integration, On the counter, Credit/Debit card payment, Paypal payment).

Besides all the above setup, SkoolApp Fee Management Solution provides:

  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation

  • Multiple reports (Student Wise, Class Wise, School Wise, Duration Wise, Cash Vs Bank Deposits etc) with more custom reports on offer.

  • Automatic reminders before due date

  • Automatic reminders for late fees.

Fee Management System of our School Management Software integrates seamlessly with the whole SkoolApp School Management Software. Fee, once entered, is available in Expense Management module, as well as in Accounting Reports.

Parents and Students also have exceptional advantages on using this Fee Management System and software; some of the key advantages are:

  1. They are notified and kept up to date on the fee payment status

  2. They can view/generate fee receipts at any time via SkoolApp mobile app

  3. They can pay via various online mechanisms such as NetBanking, PayTM, Debit/Credit card and over the school counter

  4. Full reconciliation and fee payment history can be viewed on their mobile app.

In summary, SkoolApp’s Fee Management Solution is a key feature of this complete School Management system. If you need more information on this feature, please contact our sales team or email us to schedule a demo. Mentioned below are details on how to Set-up and Use.

How to Setup Fee Management Software:

  • School to sign up for SkoolApp subscription

  • SkoolApp team will help with the initial setup and launch in school

  • SkoolApp team will provide training to School Staff

How to Use Fee Management Software:

  • School Accounts department to set up fee structure and payment options, as required for their school.

  • Parents receive Payment due reminders, and subsequently, on making the Payment through their chosen mode, print their receipts via SkoolApp mobile app.

  • School Administration and Parents get instant notification of fee payment and adjusted balance fee amount.

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