Children’s Safety and Security

Besides many other issues Children’s safety and security is the top priority of the most schools now a days. The issue is equally important to schools, society as well as government.

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4 All these solution can be grouped into 3 different types:

In this article I am going to specifically talk about the type of solutions available for children’s safety and security and an estimation of funding required for implementing these solutions.

Let’s begin with the types of solutions that are available in the market and the safety and security coverage that they offer.

All these solution can be grouped into 3 different types:



  1. Student and Staff Attendance Systems

  2. Camera recordings


  1. Student and Staff Attendance Systems with Instant Notifications

  2. School Bus Tracking Via Mobile App

  3. Children Tracking Via RFID cards


  1. All in one integrated solution for attendance, RFID, bus tracking, camera recordings with instance notification and mobile app access

As you could observe in the name of solutions, basic solutions have been around for some time and offer a very basic security.  There presence surely deters the rate of crime, but does not provide any assistance proactively. For example camera recording may deter someone from entering the school due the fear of getting caught in the camera, but does not assist in alarming / notifying parents, or school authorities instantly.

Modern solutions provide a bit more assistance. They deter the rate of crime as well as provide basic proactive assistance. For example if the attendance notification did not reach parents at the usual time, they will be alarmed and be proactive in checking the whereabout of their children. In the same way, parents and school authorities can keep an eye on the school bus while is on route to and from the school. Instant notifications to parents given them an indication of children on boarding and off boarding timings. In a way these solutions are more modern. However they still lack a complete integrated security coverage.

The most advanced solutions are hightly  integrated in their end to end coverage. The child’s where about are traced starting from school bus to the school entrance to the different parts / buildings of the school. The same is for reverse, while leaving the school, then in the bus and to home. The whole end to end day is tracked and viewed via multiple means such as school bus tracking, attendance notification, school leaving notification, home arrival notification,  and school camera viewing.  All these steps are traced as well as notified to school authorities as well as parents.

The cost of these solution varies. Following components to be considered while estimating the cost. The table below showing min and max ranges. The actual price is based on various factors such as number of students, number of features, and range/durability of hardware devices


RFID Tracking

Camera Recording

Mobile App

Total One Time


10,000 – 50,000

10,000 – 50,000


20,000 – 50,000

50,000 – 200,000

50,000 – 200,000

120,000 – 500,000


25,000 – 200,000

50,000 – 300,000

50,000 – 300,000

0 – 200,000

125,000 – 1,000,000

All of the above solution will have recurring  annual total cost from 10,000 – 200,000 which is based on various factors such as what support is needed, Free Updates and Upgrades needed and so on.

SkoolApp offers the Modern to Advanced range of solution in safety and security area.

Written by

Simran Dhaliwal (Content Writer & Corporate Professional)