Education Software driven by popular trends

The Education Software Industry is seeing very strong trends across the Globe, given that we are a connected Global village. Here are some key EdTech trends that are influencing Schools and their administrative decisions in India.

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Schools, Parents, and Students expect an all-in-one learning and administrative solution with seamless communication and flow of information.

Online security is of paramount importance, it is the focus and responsibility of the administration as well as each individual who is using the system.
Online learning is already a part of the most schools method, it will only increase over time. Testing and enhancing student performance is the most important goal of this exercise.

A collaborative classroom, with online platforms, has been a major trend and will continue to play an important role that governs EdTech innovations.

In today’s age, use of social media, latest technology and software trends and gadgets etc, Software is a common phenomenon, and most children are easy and early adopters. This has guided EdTech trends in innovating learning experiences that are interactive, current, in step with global standards and requirements etc. Making the learning experience interesting and relevant is what technology aims for.

One of the recent and major trends is video communication, which allows instant availability of expert advice and guidance to a student based on their own schedule and needs. Video streaming also supports classroom learning and students can come back to it for better learning.

Any system that a school implements must address the need to scale to evolving requirements for their entire eco-system. A cloud-based School Management system offers the advantage of easy and automatic upgrades and improvements, it is secure and cost-effective – hence the popular choice for an increasing number of educational institutions.

We are already seeing a shift in how data is stored, as more and more schools are choosing the cloud. This removes local storage requirements and allows the authorized personnel to access data anytime, anywhere, on the go using passwords.

Outsourcing is fast becoming the norm, given the demand as well as high expectation from the implemented EdTech in an educational institution. This helps to engage specialist service providers, reduce costs, upgrade changes, ensure continuity of service, implement security requirements that detect and manage threats efficiently.

Schools hold a priceless pool of information about their students – attendance, communication, fee and payments, medical information, sports information, academic records etc. And now Schools are beginning to use this data and information to their own advantage for better management system and for the advantage of their students and parents for improved results and planning.

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