Digital Attendance Management vs. Conventional Way of Attendance on paper system

Surprised by the title, thinking “wow” we are going to read a front line war description between these two systems! No not at all, we are here to show you the advantages of digitally managed attendance management system over what schools are practicing in their schools from a long era.

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Remember the older times when there were no established education system in country or world, the time when a teacher use to sit under a tree and students on the floor and they use to call the name of each student vocally and student use to give them reply either by raising hand or after their name saying “yes sir/madam”.

The second part was of the teacher to remember all the name in his mind about the present one and absentee.

What a tough job, isn’t. Later on that has moved onto paper records. Teacher’s use to write and record the attendance on paper writing it again and again for each month’s record making a bunch or can say a store of paper sheets in record section making a good shelter for rat’s and other tiny creatures.

Off course it’s sometimes difficult for the school authorities to find out a particular record of a student in case of conflict regarding attendance or something other.


Now in this technological world when everybody is having a smartphone , access to computers, internet and other digital modes of communication , what is the requirement left for schools not using a school management software that can help them to make there system more connected ,efficient, accessible and time saving.


If a school implements a digitally managed Attendance management system either alone or as part of an overall school management software, surely they are going to earn acclaim from parents and society for providing following benefits:
• Up to date records of each class and students.
• Real time notification to parents about presence, absence or late.
• Reducing the unnecessary workload of school staff so they could focus on their core purpose of education and students well being.
• Easy reporting and analysis of various factors such as total absences, absences vs students performance etc.
• Parents and school staff jointly dealing with adhoc absentees in a proper manner.
• Huge amount of paper and print cost saving together with helping environment

As a conclusion, moving away from traditional attendance to a smart attendance management system is just a matter of signing for it.
The setup of SkoolApp’s attendance management system takes less than one hour and starts saving time and money for school’s right away, be it for your school, daycare center, coaching center or sports school.
Available for all and beneficial for all.
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Written by

Sachin Dhillo (Blogger & Digital Marketing Professional)