Why Most School’s Uses SkoolApp

SkoolApp is a complete School Management Software which fulfills the needs of an all-in-one solution between the school administration, teachers, parents, and students.

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This comprehensive School Management System works through the Web for Schools and through the App for Parents, by which they can communicate through various modules for several different everyday essential aspects.

For example, school Management can publish alerts, newsletters, event schedules, policies, images, parent consent forms, payment status, fee reminders and much more via SkoolApp.

Similarly, teachers can publish homework, assessment reports, study material, attendance, class work etc via SkoolApp.

Parents can use SkoolApp to submit Parent Consent Form, leave applications etc. They can do a two-way communication e.g. they can request special PTM, and correspond directly with the concerned teacher/school administrator.

They can print Fee receipts directly through the App and receive several real-time alerts, notifications, images, policies, schedules, all in one place on this App.

Parents can also see a real-time update on features like Tracking of school Bus and Attendance related query.
SkoolApp ensures that Schools don’t need to use multiple channels such as website, emails, SMS and printed material to send information to parents. And parents don’t need to keep track of all those manually in their already hectic schedules.

All relevant information for Parents, Students, Teachers, School Administration is organized and accessible on SkoolApp.
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