True Meaning of Education

Topic of this blog ie. True Meaning of Education  is so vast, there can be so many definitions as well as meaning of education, when you’ll ask this thing to people, surely you are going to get a number of different replies. some can be justifying some can be ok.

I will try to explain here the true meaning of education. Before we start, let’s try to find out what education is? Close your eyes and ask yourself? or take your time and think about it.

So what’s your answer, most probably going to schools, started learning the academics, and then crossing the levels,and then after the formal education, then going to university for higher education, right, if you have thought about something different then pardon me!

True Meaning of Education

Education is the process of learning, through which, someone learns about new things that grows up a person’s standard of living, thoughts, culture and aid in growing of their society.

This Process of Education enhance a person’s skills, skills that helps him to develop himself, his surroundings. For example when early humans  that were nomads actually learned how to light a fire using stones, what happened after that-

– They began to live at a constant place instead of roaming here and there in search of food.

-They found that when putting raw meat in fire, it gets soft and hence becomes easy to chew.

True Meaning of Education

– They started using fire at night  to keep themselves warm and protected from wild beasts. 

Learned to light a fire with stones, helped in uplifting the lifestyle of our ancestors.

Now questions here arise is, they have learnt a new thing, how could you relate it with education, my friends, education is not all about learning tables or practising algebrics, it is the method that helps humans to grow in any means.

This is actually the True meaning of Education, a method or technique or recipe or manner that upgrades the current conditions and made one capable of self uplifting.

It is a process of reformation that brings awareness and make people aware of their rights, teaches them about their growth, their do’s and don’ts. Education is the medicine that heals the leprosy of society.

I get into the history and check the facts, where education has revolutionized, that continent, country, state, city, the suburb has seen tremendous growth in their economy, health, lifestyle, social values, culture. why because of education, it is education that transforms human thinking’s.

Still, there are many countries where the level of education is not good, you can compare it yourself, their growth rate, if compared with other developed countries, are much less.

True Meaning of Education

It is not all about algebra or social science, degrees or Ph.D.’s, it starts when we try to upswing our self, that is actually the true beginning of education,  where we decide to change our mentality, decide to take others with us to grow our society.

The true meaning of education hides inside this formula ie. key procedure of evolvement from existing stage to another that creates develops the society, builds nations, and gives humans the real life.

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