World Without Education

Imagine one day you woke up and you wound up in a spot that isn’t your home, what will you do? You will straight away keep running outside and see here and there in a rush and it will resemble a messiness circumstance for you. why because you will see everything changed, instead of your house there is a cave-like structure, there was no sofa, no television, no music system, no laptops, PlayStation, at the kitchen’s side there’s the only bunch of leaves, your modular kitchen, oven, refrigerator, chimney everything disappeared.

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It will be more surprising when you see your neighbors in the same situation, they will ask you but you will find it harder to understand as their words are unknown to you, same will be the case for your neighbors. In such a mind shaking situation thinking what has happened, you will suddenly jump outside your cave oh sorry your house, and landed on your floor and suddenly your eyes opened and you found yourself again in the current world, yes the 21st century. Ohhhh what a bad dream it was, surely you will ask yourself this question.

Sorry, I will again ask you to imagine something, imagine a world where there is no internet, no laptops, no social media if you want to send a message to your relatives living in another part of the country, you have to use letter, but it can be posted as there were no post-offices. In another case, imagine there is no online store, no books, no anything. How would you survive then?

Graphics By: Sachin Dhillo

coming to the point, the situations which I have told you to imagine are the worlds without education, you will now become harsh on me, isn’t it?

you will now tell all you have asked to do and told is the situations or circumstances without technology, not education. But I want to tell you that technology and all the stuff which we are enjoying nowadays, is all because of the education, yes education which has made us humans civilized, developed and dominant.

Since the time when humans were vagabonds, searching for food through the day like animals, until today’s tech-age, all the progress, and development which has happened are all because of the education. Without education, we can’t be where we are today. Education here doesn’t mean going to a place called the school and listening to all those lectures and writing the notes in books.

Graphics By: Sachin Dhillo

Education has taught us how to think, how to write, how to plan and how to execute.  Humans first invented fire, then the wheel then started plowing the field and so on, every invention that has happened was all because of the mind that resides inside the human skull. When humans started thinking, it was the beginning of education hence it is not wrong in saying that our mind has given birth to education which has produced the development and a simplified life for all humans. without education, humanity is like a body without a soul or a body without life.

So here in this blog, we will imagine how our world will be without Education.

1. Absence of daily life we are enjoying

Graphics By: Sachin Dhillo

Imagine a day without coffee in the morning or yummy breakfast like Oats, bread-omelet, we Indians usually have tea with bread or parantha ( made up of flour with oil) or anything you loved to eat in the morning. And with that, nothing to do through the day, no office, no school, no video games or play-stations, no social media, no PC’s or laptops. No parks, No clubs, No sports events, No meetings, Just imagine our daily life without all these pieces of stuff, would we will be OK with, I don’t think so. 

Without all of these our life will become just boring, without having a daily life schedule which we are having today, it is impossible to sustain on earth, just sitting on a tree’s branch or on a seashore looking here and there all day and when feels like appetite, just grab a banana from the tree after a fight with the monkey sitting there and finish.

Education has given us a proper lifestyle in which we are living right now, it’s really unimaginable living without our daily life.

2. No civilization

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Education has given us a sense of life and given us a style of living, it has taught us how to live and given us the beautiful society, moral behavior, cultures that we have today. 

I don’t think that it can be done without education if we’ll go to amazon forest in brazil or “The Sentinel Island”, we can easily see the difference it today’s modern life with ease of everything in our hand, on the other side group of people, who even don’t know about the good or bad, but just food, wandering all the time from one side of the forest to the other and sometimes eating each other also.

why we called civilized today because we have everything systematic today, whatever exists today is organized under a perfect plan, this is what education has given us, it has structured everything in today’s world, everything in a system and under a rule.

We can not imagine humanity without civilization and it is a gift of education to us.

3 No History

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Today we have all the latest technologies and types of equipment that are capable of not only storing some data but also they can give accurate results when someone wants to know about something, for example  – google like search engines.

 It has tons of data loaded on the server, which gives us information about everything that we want. This is also one of the achievements of education, we can easily see how our world was in the 11th century, who were the kings then, about prehistoric age, ice-age, etc.

All that could not be imagined without education. Even before this tech-age, many historians have written about there contemporary events, happenings, wars, etc which has helped us to understand the living style and culture of our forefathers. If they were not educated, they may have not thought about writing all those words for the next world and generation.

without history, we may have lived in the darkroom about our beautiful planets past and our ancestors.

4. Moral Values and Social Life

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In our daily life, when we meet one of our elder relatives or known people, we used to greet them, with Hello or any other local word used in different parts of the world. The Same way in our office or some other place we used to call a person by Mr. or Mrs. X, showing full respect, honor, and hospitality. We have a social organization in our society, where people of a different race, color, caste live with peace and harmony without any discrimination. This clearly shows the difference between an uncivilized group and civilized society like our world in which we are living. Yes, there can be an argument that this is not absolutely true what I have shared, but yes through education, we humans have known the difference between the two.

so, readers, I have taken you to an imaginary world, that may have existed thousands of years ago, where all you have to find is food, all you have to do is wandering and then sleep. No clothes, No languages, No Entertainment. Just fighting to survive on this planet. But education has made us what we are today. Surely we can not imagine our life without education as education has given us everything that has made us so developed and civilized. Its the education that has made our daily life more easy and relaxed, and it’s ongoing. We have reached to space and have searched the deepest part of the sea. With Artificial Intelligence we are on the way to create some more interesting.

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